Picturelife, trust and having data out of your control

UPDATE: Just after publishing, checked my bank account and saw that I’ve been charged the monthly fee. For a website that’s down. And may not be coming back…

UPDATE 2, May 12: The site is back up, no idea of photos can be downloaded. I’ve started a Facebook group for users to talk about what’s going on.

Picturelife seems to have disappeared, and with it, a good chunk of the pictures I’ve taken.

I joined the service in 2013 at a time when photo storage in the cloud was scarce. iCloud photos hadn’t been released. Other services had shutdown.

Once iCloud photos became my main place, I kept PictureLife, mostly because I had over 1TB of photos there. There were features on Picturelife, including the memories and date scrolling, that aren’t in Apple’s product. Also, the unlimited storage was very nice.

It was always a little bit slow and buggy, but what it offered was unparalleled. Especially where I had a 16gb iPhone, it was a savior.

I knew there was a risk, (heck, I read and listen to Gabe Weatherhead) but for some reason it felt like I trusted these guys.

But now it seems to have disappeared.

I’ve known for a months that I needed to get my photos out of Picturelife and have everything on Apple Photos. I remember they had sold, but wasn’t too worried (again, dumb on me).

About a month ago I received an e-mail that my account was going to be shut down because of a credit card problem. I knew I wanted my photos so I re-entered my card. I was charged $70 in back fees. While I didn’t use the service during that time, I felt OK because I was going to export my photos.

But I was wrong: Exporting didn’t work. Downloads didn’t work. Searching on social media, it appears that Picturelife went MIA. No support requests responded to. I tweeted them on got this response:

And then this:

And now the website it down. I’m glad I have many of my photos stored elsewhere (at least I think) but many others do not.

I hope they are finding an export solution, but it’s gone from a poor functioning website to one that is offline totally.

The really sad thing is, while I may have lost these photos, I feel today less likely to trust anything that’s even a little bit important to a startup.

I hope that there will be an export option available, at least. I’ve spent around $350 on the service over the past few years (and even got my mom using it). I’ve trusted Picturelife this long, let’s hope they deliver for the last time…

5 thoughts on “Picturelife, trust and having data out of your control”

  1. I am pretty much in the same boat here, to the exception that PictureLife was to my knowledge the only photo storage service that accepted RAW files, which means it is the only place were I uploaded my RAW files, so if they are gone for good with no export options, I am royally f.cked.

  2. I knew things were bad when they emailed saying they were going to delete my entire account if I didn’t pay them. I even wrote them an email explaining why that is such a bad move given every other cloud photo storage will continue to store your photos indefinitely after your subscription lapses.

    Thankfully they didn’t follow through and I was able to get most of my photos off of Picturelife. That being said, there are a good number of photos that were corrupted in the zips, and also a good number of photos where the EXIF data did not get downloaded despite the original having it and being able to view it on the site.

    Google photos has every feature Picturelife has and a lot more, and all of the features work correctly. It is also free and unlimited if you are okay with slight compression on your photos, or $10 for 1TB. That’s what I recommend to everyone now.

  3. Praying I haven’t lost my photos and videos on Picturelife forever. I’ve been loyal to these guys since Everpix shut down back in 2013. Ugh!

  4. Same boat here. Moved from Everpix when they closed. Have been a loyal paying customer. Stupidly have no other backups of my photos. Could Anazon help in anyway?

  5. Same story except that I’d recently saved my photos locally. Hey everyone been down over a week at least and did in fact recently charge my card.

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