Here are some different types of video I have shot and produced over the years.


Every January, Bell’s releases Hopslam Ale, a double IPA brewed with honey. The beer is immensely popular, and due to the limited release of it, there are often a lot of questions and myths surrounding the beer. I worked with the brewery’s director of operations to answer several of those questions in a fun series of videos. “…These mini movies,” Craft Brewing Business wrote,” are great little marketing pieces for websites, Twitter and social media posts. Other breweries, take note.”

Beerentines 2017

Every year, Bell’s celebrates Valentines Day by releasing Beerentines — beer-based cards for our fans to send. In 2017, we opened it up to our fans for suggestions, and recorded this video at the brewery and Eccentric Café of employees reading them:

What’s that stuff in my Oberon?

Oberon Ale is one of Bell’s most popular and iconic brands. In the state of Michigan and across the country, the unfiltered wheat ale ushers the end of winter and the beginning of summer. For a brand often considered the gateway beer into craft, we often got the same question: what’s that stuff in my Oberon? I aimed to answer the question once and for all to provide all the information in the best way possible. This video is the result:

Live video

I have produced several live video streaming events. The most notable are the two live video chats with Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder. The first was about his 2014 budget recommendations. We had three days notice to create a studio for the broadcast and had reporters from across MLive offices ask questions live during the hour-long event. The second video with Snyder was an end of the year interview.

Explanatory video

In 2014, a statewide ballot proposal was put before voters to change how personal property tax was collected on businesses. While important, it was one of the most complicated and dull topics. I created a video to explain the issue in three minutes. If voters wanted to learn about the issue, they could watch the video and get the most clear explanation of the subject.